Simple and clean design for you


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Custom logo design in Illustrator

Different types of logos to choose from: emblems, wordmarks, letterforms, and abstract logo marks.

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Brand style guide in InDesign

This includes choosing suitable typefaces, colours, images, and icons, as well as creating moodboards.

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Web design comp in Photoshop

If you only need website design, I will create a Photoshop comp for you to hand it over to a developer.

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Web development in Dreamweaver

I will code a website for you in Dreamweaver, or Visual Studio code, from scratch, according to layout of your choice.


Unplugged project

This was Responsive Design module project, as part of the development course with Skillcrush. There were two more pages in it, but here I decided to only display the homepage.

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Kryvyi Rih project
Kryvyi Rih — my city

This project I built independently. It's actually a blog about the city in Ukraine where I was born. I used the material on the original city website, but coded according to my own design.

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Reantal Real Estate project
Rental Real Estate

This was the second project I did on my own, it's a fictitious company. First I built it in Photoshop following the course on Udemy. Then I coded it from the Photoshop comp.

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Seaside Audio project
Seaside Audio & Video

This is another project I did first in Photoshop, from the same Udemy course, but this is a real company. I changed it a lot when coding, and used different pictures.

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Who I am

Former Classical Musician, current IT Professional, and passionate Web Designer and Web Developer

Hi, my name is Lucia. My interest evolved around music from the very childhood, which I focused on studying for many years. When I moved to London in 2006, I wanted to continue pursuing career in Music. Eventually, I soon realised I wasn't qualified enough due to lack of credentials that this country was looking for to get full time employment. In addition to music, my passion also lied in technology, that's why I decided to combine the two. I went on to study Music Technology and Audio Engineering at university, where I learned about computer music production.

From there onwards, after I graduated, I knew the route I wanted to take. I enrolled on a course in IT, for which I sat exams to obtain MCSA. Our tutors themselves were studying for CCNP, and they gave us further opportunities to build on networking skills. As time went by, I became highly motivated to continue in networking. I took this chance to educate myself more in this area. Such determination helped me to gain CCNA and then CCNP qualifications. Along with that I also obtained MCSE.

Throughout my whole study period I was employed by different companies on fixed term contracts most of the time. However, I came to realisation that switching to a contracting/freelancing would be more suitable for me. The benefits from that I found appealing, as this offers flexibility, can help to improve my discipline, and the idea of working from home was second to none.

Ever since I started learning about web design and web development, as well as studied graphic design, color theory, and typography. I decided to focus on HTML and CSS, which in spite of their challenges has been phenomenal to work with. When I was able to create my first website, I was proud of how far I have come already, and I will continue on this path of growing my skills. Please do contact me with any comments, suggestions, or questions you may have regarding the website and services.

Me playing the pipe organ